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        Mining machinery and equipment industry in China and its Development PubDate£º2010/10/30 ¡¾BACK¡¿

        Mountain Equipment of favorable factors for development of the industry

        By the U.S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the financial crisis, China s national economic growth rate is bound to a "soft landing" phenomenon. It should be noted that the development of heavy mining equipment industry and market operation of factors, foremost among which is the national basic industries and infrastructure on the development of macro-control policies, and economic and technical development on the requirements of raw materials and civilian facilities. Expected for some time, the state fixed-asset investment will continue to maintain high growth rate. "Eleventh Five-Year" period, the state infrastructure construction and pillar industries, the large intensity of investment is unprecedented, due to infrastructure construction and pillar industries of the large investment, long period, "Eleventh Five-Year" front of the large-scale infrastructure projects, particularly in the national key projects and key industrial projects, will continue, independent of the economic impact of environmental change; and a series of policies to stimulate domestic demand as the country s introduction of new national and medium-sized group of key projects awaiting approval, and start , but also for investment in fixed assets to grow to be a guarantee.

        Our direction of development of mining equipment manufacturing industry

        China s mining equipment manufacturing industry in the next 10 years, should be aimed at large-scale, green and intelligent direction of development, integration with the world advanced countries.

        The main domestic urgent need to develop a total of 9 categories of mining equipment, the future trend of market demand: According to the actual situation of mining development, focusing on the development of large open pit mining equipment to meet the conditions of underground mining explosion-proof equipment and low-noise small, tunnel modern large-scale excavation equipment, crushing grinding equipment, streamline processes, superfine powder and mobile equipment washing facilities. Expected to provide 3100 tons / hour, 3,600 tons / 6,000 tons of time and, when the three kinds of bucket-wheel excavator-based open 10 to 15 consecutive sets of mining equipment, to provide mobile or semi-mobile crushing station-based semi-continuous mining 40 to 50 sets of equipment, providing 30 to 55 square meters of mechanical (or hydraulic) type shovels and electric wheel sets of vehicle-based mining equipment l0 ~ 15 units, to provide underground trackless mining equipment mining 15 to 20 sets of provide large-scale concentrator 20 to 25 sets of equipment, providing 15 to 20 tons charge 50 vehicles and 150 ~ 200 kg charge device 150. Products should be a safe and clean flesh Higher energy and other characteristics, widely used condition monitoring and remote automatic control technology, some of the products remote control and numerical control.

        Lu _ husband present domestic mining equipment, such as pull shovels, shovels and slope elevator, and some still use "a DC motor DC generator," control system. Although this control system can basically meet the operational requirements of equipment, but there are DC high failure rate, maintenance workload, and low efficiency of the system weaknesses. Therefore, the use of advanced speed way is imperative. Frequency tone suddenly modern electrical drive one of the main development direction, excavators inverter to adjust the technology represents today s world excavator electric drive technology, the highest industry standards. It is in the process automation of production, improve product quality, ease of maintenance and energy conservation, etc., are hardly comparable with other methods the advantage of speed, technological transformation of mining equipment and products is an ideal replacement of electric transmission system. In order to catch up with China s mining equipment, advanced level as quickly as possible, should be active in the electrical control products using this advanced control system.

        In the past 30 years, the scraper as the center of trackless mining equipment widely used for the underground mining process changes. Scrapers use change is a major advance is the application of robot technology, Changsha Institute of Mining Research of China led by the developed long-range remote control scraper, Inoue controlled by the people in the face of the scraper work underground, its technical performance has been catch up with the world advanced level. Automatic scraper control system by remote control system, TV camera and monitor telemetry system, digital measurement and storage system. Scraper is equipped with analog sensors (analog temperature, pressure, speed, steering angle, etc.) and digital sensors (shown on / off, limit position, violation alarm, etc.), all kinds of signal transmission to the controller. Controller s function is to turn, speed, shift, cont

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