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        About Us
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        About Us
            Quanzhou Yuhsing Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a corporation professionally produce ceramics mould distributing material system. Introduced into most advanced producing equipments, hired most excellent technology talents, producing most eminent products, and equipped a set of wonderful after-sale service team. Along with the changing fashion, and ceramics changing with each passing day, gaining good comment from vast customers. Our company do our best to manufacture clouds dream, original stones emulate etc distributing material system of environment protection serial products. In order to enhance tiles-producing efficiency, reduce material waste, our company also keep providing vast customers with old cross new, produce quantitative new pattern or remove automatics distributing material system. In a word, distributing material system is surely can¡¯t be neglected consumed equipments for any type of pressers, which directly effect the products quality and environment protection etc various key problem, thereby, our company sincerely willing to do our best to service ceramics industry and build a brilliant future together.
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        Address£º The Fujian Province Quanzhou Licheng District tree pocket goes against places 76

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